Tinkering Custom Bots 4u

I am the wizard of bots, the magic algorithm is on my side. My intention is to save you time on all common and repetitive tasks from Digital Marketing, Data-Mining, Social Network automation and more. You can trust me since I will quote you first if your bot doesn’t fit in what I show in fixed pricing on this BST.

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Web Scrapers

All data can be grabbed from any website that you like, e-commerce, directories, social networks, linkedin, yelp, yellowpages, white pages. You can imagine and the Wizard will code it for you. We can also grab data and sell it to you.

Web Automation

Any website that you can access via your browser can be automated. Some of them are difficult and might be encrypted, but there are no barriers for the Wizard skills. You name it, Form Filling, Account creation, Mailer, Buyer, etc.

API Coding / SaaS

We can help you coding your own Software as a Service application, based on an API so you can consume it from any device. Then code in Javascript and it will use API and compile it for Mobiles, Tablets and Desktop applications.

Development and Automation Coaching

You need guidance towards a correct development of your idea/app. We have the experience you need to not fall in the same mistakes we have previously done. The experience is based upon failures that you need to avoid.

Multiple Coding Languages

We dont focus in a single framework or coding language, we are constantly working forward to learn different technologies to achieve different results, for example: NodeJS and its awesome callbacks are great and PHP is not compared to it. But PHP is more solid and have a bigger community, same as Python and Ruby. C# Might help to create Unity projects and launch video games on the App Store and PLay Store. You name it.

We code Classes and Functions

You dont need to buy a complete SaaS platform or a compiled bot in order to hire our services. If you already have a platform working, we can focus on developing just the function or classes you want to acomplish an algorith you have in mind.

Web development and Ecommerce

Apart from all the services, we can help you to develop your own informative site, its technically very easy for us and we can give a fixed price. This will help you to save in dev costs and resell our services on any network.

Existing Products

We have previously coded some programs, so you dont have to request them as custom coding. Save some time and money and take a look on each of them. They might solve your needs.