Well fuck, another brick in the wall

What the fuck is going on this days.. I mean, where is the internet going? I remember those days of cool open informations. Data was open for everyone, noone got mad as long as you give reference from you got it. But nowadays we dont fucking nore anymore where we are going. Seems like….

I-I-I-I feel something so right
Doing the wrong thing
I-I-I-I feel something so wrong
Doing the right thing – One Republic – Counting Stars

Those days Google started crawling and scraping sites to get data, and they still doing it, also Yahoo, Bing Baidu, etc. But when other small enterpreneurs start getting data to compare with other sites, they get so tight and greedy about it. WHY?  Stuff should be open for everyone.


Anyway, I have some other important things to do than analyzing data, doing courses + source codes is educational and is fair, I am not afraid cause is fair use and explains how networks work. Anyway, those of my customers enterpreneurs might not have a very brilliant future with those greedy giants. Seems like Internet Neutrality and Internet Privacy needs some reforms, cause big data, machine learning and AI assistant is the new future of business. Not sure why the fuck they dont want to evolve.


P.D: To all customers asking for a private source + code because they dont want to share the method, but they want me to work on the idea and explain how i did it. Then you need to pay 5x more, cause I cannot promote the source to my existing customers. So… If you dont want to help me spread the knowledge but you want me to work for you privately. Is gonna cost you more. Deal with it.


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