What I do, and what I Don’t do

Here is a message to all the people that has emailed me asking for custom bots that are a crap job for me. I will tell you why with this list of what I don’t do:

  • I prefer not working on mass account creators. (That is NOT COOL, don’t like it).
  • I don’t code mass account handlers for social networks. This means more than 20 accounts at the same time. This will help make the internet cooler again. I don’t want to influence in this shit going on with a bunch of bots all around twitter, facebook and shit. But if you really are an agency that is not spamming and is handling strategical campaigns we can workaround something.
  • I don’t hack people or spy on them, please don’t fucking ask that question. Do it yourself.

What I do:

  • I can help you scrape websites and do automated operations that you manually do. This will help you save on virtual assistants or save time so you focus on more important stuff.
  • I can help you automate process along your job, this involves using Excel macros, databases, website automation like filling forms based on stuff in your database. In resume, I will help you automate annoying processes.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is something Ive been studying and I want to keep coding this kind of stuff.

Now that you know what I don’t do, please leave me to continue with this journey.