Back from a long time… This is a hobby

Botting is a hobby, and automation is my passion. So this is a therapy to improve even better, so I will continue with this great journey.

With many upgrades in the industry, AI is doing amazing things. I will be jumping deeply into these topics and creating content for this side project.
In the meantime, I will continue with my educational project Cerebro Digital which is hard to monetize due to some content that won’t go viral as other entertainment topics.

I’ve created so far 2 SaaS, one is “completed” and the other is WIP.


The name of this project of SaaS tools to growth hack is linked to the Grow & Thrive project where I gather insights from customers for creating other projects. My main intention with this is to order everything into a structure and ecosystem of the union to give work to other students.

English is not my main language, but I got it under control. You will learn in realtime with me, you will see how I search for answers so you learn to find your own answers faster.

What will I start doing first?

Since I started with uBot courses inside the uBot community, I will expand into teaching how to create bots and use API’s at the same time. Will continue selling source codes to get things done to work into different orders.

Under these circumstances. Price on custom projects will need to be stopped. I will need to stop attending private and custom projects that I won’t publish here. I rather focus on making it private under courses + source codes, instead of working as a freelancer for only one guy or company. I’m done with that shit.

So about my plans for the future…

I will start digging into these topics:

  • AI and different libraries for Python like TensorFlow.
  • Elastic Cloud + Automation systems.
  • Image detection and classification.
  • Deep learning on data to improve answers.
  • Browser Sessions with different cookies preset in order to send commands and get back responses as an API.
  • I will also continue my IoT research but with microcomputers instead of microcontrollers such as ESP8266.

I’m particularly excited to work on my next SaaS project that will involve a device and sensors that can get connected to any Raspberry Pi and send data to the network to get insights into AI online.

But first things first, will finish and hire a team to help me sell more memberships and lifetime licenses. So if you are interested let me know.