[COURSE & SOURCE] Create software to Spy on Google Adwords PPC competitors



  • Grab adwords results from competitors
  • Process data and store it on local and remote database.
  • Multithread and use proxys for this.


Do you ever wondered how SEMRush gets all the PPC data from Google Adwords? Have you ever wanted to do it by yourself but you dont have the technical expertise to code this?

Let me help you, this course will guide you through learning the following thinks:

  • Grab ads from search results and knowing how to search them for local campaigns.
  • Original method for spying on Google Adwords PPC competitors in realtime.
  • Process grabbed ads and add them to Datagrid UI.
  • Add data to SQLite local database.
  • Add data to Remote MYSQL database.
  • Multithread for many searches using local lists and variables.
  • Use proxy to get more laser targeted PPC ads.

Knowing this will allow you to feed your application with important competitors campaigns and decide how to build your own ad and improve it. You wont have to pay $100 per month.


UBOT Series: Spy on Google Adwords Competitors
Module 1 Analyze and code the scraper, also save the data.
Unit 1 Unit1: Research, Analyze and code. Also store the data
Unit 2 Unit2: Make sure everything works, setup session tips

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