Node.JS full domain crawler + email extractor (source)

Whats up everybody!

I was a away for a long time, deep projects and shit, but I am back and will continue doing some course and more freebies.

Anyway, here is a brief domain crawler + email extractor I did with Node.JS using roboto library which is cool and easy. So here I go, step by step:

1.- Create a dir.
2.- Go inside of it.
3.- You need to install roboto and htmlstrip-native with npm.
4.- Create a crawl.js file inside that folder you created.
5.- Paste the source code on it:

Then just run the command using node like:
node crawler.js

Thats it, it will create a with all the emails.

Your console will look like this:

And emails grabbed like this:

Obviously change by any domain you want to crawl and get emails.

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