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Hello everyone, this is a product I create for people that don’t have a dime or don’t want to spend a dime cause they don’t know me and they don’t give a fuck about learning. So here you guy, take it for free. At least if you like it, you might learn and if you learn, you make money. And if you make money you might want to come the fucking back and buy me some courses 😉

I will include all the freebies in this product, so if I update, modify, add, erase or whatever happen, will be in this product. Make sure you buy it for $0 and I will activate it for you so you can have access to the courses and sources.

You will find modules for:

  • UBot
  • Python + Selenium
  • NodeJS scripts and tips.
  • PHP ways.
  • Other automation tools that might come along in the future.


FREEBIES Courses and Sources
Module 1 UBOT Learning with examples
Unit 1 Scraping users from twitter
Unit 2 Twitter mass follow / unfollow

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