Google Adwords Scraper – Grabs all Ads for specific keyword


$30.00 $20.00

This script will spy on your competitors so you can do a proper benchmark on people that is already paying good money and investing on improving their copywriting.


I have something very fucking juicy for you Marketer, stop waiting money on shitty descriptions and titles that won’t help to increase your CTR, clicks, conversions and more. Make sure to know how the biggest of biggest are doing their campaigns so you don’t fuck around with your wallet.

Save some time, save energy, cut the shit out, buy this and put it on working on your server. In case you don’t know how to install, I might offer you 10 min support to make it work on your localhost or custom server that you say.

This is a very juicy offer for many, your will have full access to the source code of this so you can replicate on other networks. It is written on PHP and have a frontend GUI so it is easier for you to operate.

It includes a guide on how it works and how to install it

You can view the LIVE DEMO HERE


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