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Hey guys, I have received many emails from different persons trying to do different bots and different crazy fucked up ideas that sound cool to make money. Its great! But you are emailing me because you want to know: Is it doable? Is it?   Wait a f***ing minute, I don’t know, I didn’t thing on so much about many different other ideas because im busy doing some other ideas.

Why offering this? Many people try to get some out of it, and sometimes it requires more than 20 or 40 minutes of research to know how to respond at that stuff. Anyone that knows what he is doing wont tell you so fast “yes” to ideas out of the official API’s, Scrapers, Crazy spiders and that shit. Those stuff need to be planned and re-thinked before repeating yourself in code. Also there are plenty of existing libraries that we can use and adapt into what you want to do.

So, long story short, I can help you on anything you want, but lets first start having a voice talk and sharing screenshot to go deeper about what you are looking for. Its a fair time to know how to be done and planned. 1 hour call might do the job and I won’t lose precious time if you decide to not expend on a project.


What you will receive:

  • Coach for 60 minutes about your idea of bot and if it is an easy one with a web driver and form filling we even can finish it on that same hour.
  • We will talk and act fast into deployment of your idea.
  • I will teach you how I do it on different languages. (Excellent if you are learning to code)


IMPORTANT: I, as the admin of this community, and representing the character of Wizard of Bots. Do not declare myself as an expert or guru. I am a constant learning and looking forward to complete my 10,000 hours code in order to really be a master on this stuff. (Also sorry about words, Its the personality of this fictional character, I am not affiliate to anything, is for the fun and also helping me make a living till i complete my 10k hours. In the run I will create courses and stuff.)

What do I know?

  • Can help you build a SaaS application from ground up.
  • Build membership Sites
  • Code Scrapers, Spiders, Webdriver Bots.
  • Code many languages and know some its main differences which let me adapt on different technologies. Depending which of them.
  • AIML for chatbots.
  • Creating real time apps
  • SEO
  • Growth Hacking
  • Many Social Networks API’s
  • More..  you can read this blog.


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