[COURSE & SOURCE] Setup and how to scrape all Yelp with Python + Selenium



  • Learn how to use Python and Selenium together
  • Install a Fresh Linux and configure it (reliability)
  • Learn how to scrape text with selenium
  • Learn how to navigate with selenium commands.
  • More…


This course is for educational purposes. We go through into how Yelp is designed and how you can search from the interface with proper parameters. This will go through all zipcodes in USA with or without a keyword and grab all leads and put them into a CSV.

What you will learn:

  • How to setup Linux in VirtualBox which can be either on OSX or Windows.
  • How to setup Linux on Linode, install Docker and VNC so you connect remotely and configure.
  • Setup Python, Selenium and Chrome WebDriver. Install required libraries for this code.
  • How to scrape with XPath and some tips for make it reliable.
  • Caveats on how to get proper text and trim data.
  • Open and iterate a txt file with a list of locations or zipcodes and loop through them in Python.
  • How to configure Selenium to use Proxies.
  • How to save grabbed leads into CSV.

Here is a preview of what you will have.


Yelp Scraper: Python + Selenium. Docker / VirtualBox / Local (Win/Linux/OSX) Configuration
Module 1 Setting up Docker / VirtualBox / Local (Win/OSX/Linux)
Unit 1 Part 1: Getting set up in Linode, access your server and setup with Docker instance (25 min).

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