IRC was the best 10 years ago, now other softwares have eclipsed, but many savvy people keep using it for proper communication with special individuals. So, if you never heard or configured eggdrops, this is something similar.

So first you will need to install NodeJS, and I will consider that you already have it, then you should have NPM also installed, then just install the irc library:

npm install irc

Once you have that, you need to specify that you are using this module and then set the configure on connecting to know which channels the bot will join automatically, and then set up the port, which is not a regular port for IRC but you need to set something more stable for a bot.

So as you see, first we set up the server, then the nick, and then we open encapsulation to add the channels, the port and a mode where we can see what is going on on your console.

NOTE: You might get some errors when connecting, but try again and again. When you are able to connect, no matter if you sleep your localhost, it will continue connecting. Also this is for leaving it working on a VPS or shell so you have a always online bot.

But now that you have your bot online, what’s next? You need to know wtf is going on in the channels that you join or the PM you receive, and for that we have listeners.

Before getting into this I will explain the functions we have available so we can use them when we get events on the listeners:

So now that you know the commands to use on the Events, we now are listing the Listeners for this stuff:


Tonight I was watching Mr. Robot chapter 4, season 2. And it remind me back the good old days where the IRC was above any other social network. People meet there in tons of channels to have chats and discussions. Also there were plenty of groups talking about many stuff, the best crews were the ones with coders.

So well, what do I like about IRC?, There were plenty of cool things back then in 1995, there were the amazing eggdrops that you programmed to respond to different messages. They also had TCL’s which mean addons/plugins that you could adapt to your bot, many were different cool games in group. Also there were PsyBNCs to be always online with your shell.

To run this just do the following:

mkdir bitchx

And then just paste this code:

Then you just have to:

chmod +x

And this will begin to install everything you need to run BitchX, then just type to run:


By the way, did you know you can connect to Elliot’s IRC session using this page: