How to download HTML, CSS, JS and Images from specific URL

Why would you want to do that?
In the first place, if you are a frontend designer, you might light to see the html and css from the comfort of your set up. For frontend developers or webdesigners, GUI, UX, and all the guys in the visual worrying, this will be like the following images are for me:

In resume, ecstasy are those 3 divine creations of humanity… ok, to the point.

Then you would be able to reuse that code and mix with other downloaded.
What do you have to do in order to do this:
Install wget, if you are in OSX, use

brew install wget

or if you are in Linux Debian or others

sudo apt-get install wget

finderAfter you have installed you just need to type one command:

The -p will get you all the required elements to view the site correctly (css, images, etc). The -will change all links (to include those for CSS & images) to allow you to view the page offline as it appeared online.

Then you will get the full landing page and ready to be opened with Dreamweaver and start editing, you can copy that mate. Just don´t brag about it, and show some love at [email protected]


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