Python 3 script for generating traffic to any network


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Direct to the point to make this simple to understand.




I will give you the source code for a program that will generate traffic doing the following features.

  • Use Chrome browser
  • Use the headless Chrome browser.
  • Use PhantomJS
  • Alternate random most used User Agents
  • Alternate a list of proxies.
  • Alternate a backconnect proxy.

As an extra it also includes a proxy scraper program.


All of the code will be commented on explaining what to do to modify and very well explained in case you want to continue coding inside that logic.

We dont accept refunds in this product since it is a source code. You will need to know how to run a script, otherwise follow our simple documentation below:

1.- Install Python 3 On Windows or any.

2.- Copy the webscript folder to any machine

3.- pip install selenium

4.- pip install chromedriver

5.- pip install proxybroker

6.- if anything like this error happens:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘proxybroker’

that means you need to install with:    pip install proxybroker