How to create linux bash scripts to automate installing dependencies and more

installwizardSometimes you just want to make your life easier on deploying a server in seconds with all the dependencies you need to run many languages or maybe a LAMP config easily.

I made this whole compilation guys, but right now I dont feel like finishing it. So I decided to add a github repo so you can just clone and run it very quick. But I will be updating this post frequently. Just make sure to comment in order to report a bug or something that needs to be modified, also there

So I decided to call it wizardinstall 😉 we will be adding the repos you need in order to have everything ready to start on a $5 cents digitalocean server to have a linux shell on your smartphone doing a realtime connection and executing your scripts!

So check out the code, you will learn how to use it, and understand the logics, will add comments on each line if necessary so you guys understand:

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